Bio-Medical Optics Engineering Facility

Geotechnical Engineer during the Bio-Medical Optics Engineering Research Facility. The new building is a 15,000 square foot, six-story, steel-framed, slab-on-grade structure with a partial below grade level. The new structure houses both classroom and research facilities. The BMOE facility lies between the existing Computer Science Building and the Wilmot Building.

Our design phase services included coordinating and executing the test boring exploration and laboratory testing programs. Additionally, we consulted with Vibronostics on vibration-related impacts of the pile driving work on the existing sensitive research operations. We provided guidance on site preparation requirements; fill and backfill materials; compaction standards; recommended pile foundation type and allowable capacities; lateral earth pressures for retaining walls; seismic design criteria; water control; and trench stability.

Our construction services included delineating unsuitable fill to be removed and replaced, observing the H-piles installed to support the structure, consulting during the dynamic testing of the initial pile installations and consulting on other soil-related issues that arose.